Halftime: The Real Game Lives Here

Hey guys!

You know what month it is… MARCH! So, I thought it would be appropriate to continue the conversation from last week’s “March Forth” article about why my heart will forever belong to the marching arts. I speak for so many people when I say that it’s truly the best feeling ever to step onto the field before a halftime show. After marching for six years, with the upcoming fall of 2018 season being my last… and yes, I’m already crying about it, one thing I’ve definitely picked up on is that society doesn’t always peg us (or our shakos and plumes) as the “coolest” ones around.

Via: Our hero, Patrick Star, and GIPHY

But lemme tell ya, I’ve marched with some of the most genuinely determined, passionate, and talented musicians out there… and I, for one, think that’s beyond cool. And that’s why myself, and the rest of the band community, want to encourage you to support us during the halftime show. And here’s why…


One of the most common and unfortunate misconceptions I hear about marching band is that it’s easy. Granted, we spend hours upon hours a week making it LOOK easy, but please know it’s far from that. Memorizing show music and executing it well, learning drill correctly so we don’t take an instrument to the head, (marching band is dangerous, people), and perfecting body posture, marching technique, and instrument carriage isn’t easy. If it was, there would be a lot more people on the field with us. Halftime allows this hard work to pay off!

I mean, can you honestly tell me this looks easy?

Thanks to CollegeMarching.com for the game day coverage!

-We’re super fun to be around!

One thing that a lot of people don’t always realize about marching bands is that we love to interact with our fans. A lot of fun and unique (sometimes rather questionable?) conversations happen on the sidelines right before and after we take the field. We love the high-fives and enthusiasm that come from the stands and are excited when fans take a genuine interest in our program. Take the time to chat with us before we do our thing, you might learn something new about our world!

-Music is meant to be shared!

To be 1000% honest, marching bands would still step onto the field if there wasn’t a single person in the stands, just because we love what we do and we’re proud of the musical moments we have the ability to create. BUT, the audience is a very monumental part of our experience. We feed off of their energy and want to share our work and passion with them with the hopes that it will put a smile on someone’s face. Marching band is fun, music is fun, we have FUN. We want the atmosphere to be nothing short of that!

In marching band, we all share one goal… and that goal is to create music and perform as one unit, all while telling our own individual stories. We don’t listen to the sound of our own instrument, we listen to the sound of the band. We don’t leave if our team is losing or the game is boring. We’re the first ones into the stadium and we’re the last ones out. We don’t have numbers, nor do we have our names on the backs of our uniforms. We perform to be a part of something much larger than ourselves, something that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

We perform for moments like these…

So please, stick around for the halftime show. Your band will be eternally grateful… plus, your nachos and Diet Coke will still be there when we’re finished!

Stay tuned for Flute 4 Thought’s overseas adventure to Ireland!


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